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New Quake Champions forums coming soon
New Quake Champions forums coming soon

Hey folks, Starting this week with the launch of Skyrim Special Edition, we are beginning the process of migrating our forums to a new forum platform powered by NodeBB. We've heard your complaints, and we think the new forums are going to improve upon the current forum experience. Working with the team, we believe these new forums will be a significant improve over both these forums and the existing forums at The new platform will also allow us more flexibility than we had to add new features over time. Here are some key points to note: Our new forums will use the same user accounts that presently here on This week the current forums on (Quake Champions, as well as Fallout, Dishonored, Legends, DOOM) will move to a read-only state. We will notify users when these forums are being closed for good.We are not closing this week. You will still be able to post in these forums, support and Mods for Skyrim Special Edition take place on the new forums. We will provide an advance update before move to a permanent read-only state.

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